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What Pilates Can Do for You

pilates class at bainbridge pilates

There’s no doubt Pilates is renowned for creating a strong core by integrating the deep abdominals with the pelvic floor and muscles of the back. In addition, Pilates develops long, lean muscles in the trunk and limbs with enhanced flexibility, flow of movement and coordination.

Pilates easily adapts to all levels of ability. Because of the safety in the closed kinetic chain of the equipment, it’s a great tool for rehab as well as for advanced athletic training.

Getting Started with Pilates

Baibridge Pilates private studio

Enjoy your first Pilates experience with a private lesson from me. I will introduce you to the principles of the method, review your goals and any history of injury or conditions we need to address in your program. From there I will develop a dynamic and safe workout for you and you are on your way!

Some students will want to move into a Studio Training Group, a partially independent class experience. Most students can jump in to in a Pilates Mat class without private instruction who are injury free and generally healthy.

Please feel free to contact me if you are unsure how to begin!

Professional Training in a Professional Studio

My professional training began in 1994 with Jane Erskine (CPI) of Erskine Fitness, one of the first Pilates studios in Seattle. Prior to this, I had been a movement analyst in a PT practice for several years, and Jane offered to train and mentor me at no charge. I continue to study Pilates with favorite mentors including Gail Gustafson, as well as Carey Regan, and Scott Miller who are exceptional teachers of the “Classic Method” of Pilates.

bainbridge pilates equipment
My studio is furnished with Balanced Body professional equipment: 2 Studio Reformers, Cadillac, Split-­‐pedal Chair, and Ladder Barrel.

In addition, we also use smaller props including Balanced Body Orbits, foam rollers, Overballs, free weights and Magic Circles.

Studio Training Groups are held several times a week … email or text me for info about joining a training group. Text (206) 707-5261 or email spiralchristy@gmail.com

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